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What are the favourite computer languages of IT juniors?

Jan 18, 2023Find a job, IT development, job market, work0 comments

What are the favorite computer languages of IT juniors?

The programming languages preferred by computer science students may vary depending on the studies that they choose as well as their interests and goals, for example, JavaScript is a very popular language but is not really appreciated by IT engineers even though it is very popular with IT technicians.

We will focus mainly on a brief presentation of each language that is most likely chosen by young IT specialists including information on which jobs they mostly apply for:


Python is a popular and easy-to-learn purpose programming language (commonly used in introductory computer science courses). Python is a language that can do almost anything: from web and server application development, data analysis and data science, and game creation up to task automation or desktop application development. Since it is very easy to understand and master, it is one of the most preferred and used languages.

Javascript (HTML/CSS) :

One of the most used languages is JS and all its libraries (React, JQuery, Angular). It is a language that will be used much more by web developers. It allows you to create interactive elements on websites, such as dynamic forms, animations, and other interactive features that can make a website more attractive and user-friendly. It is a universal language that can be used for a large variety of purposes, which explains its popularity.


C# is a programming language mainly used for computer and mobile applications and video games. It is an object-oriented programming language (which works with “objects”) and also with a logic of structure and architecture of the data included in the code. This language will therefore be appreciated by software developers and video game creators. In the same style, we have Java or C++ which are a bit less appreciated and used.

Why do IT juniors like working with IT seniors?

Juniors can learn a lot from Seniors. It’s not a big secret that to learn anything, you have to practice. A more qualified person can therefore explain to Juniors how to realize a complex code while having the most optimized code possible.

Some potential benefits of working with more experienced colleagues in the field include:

  • Working with seniors in IT allows juniors to learn from people who have been in the field longer and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Senior IT specialists give juniors the opportunity to collaborate which means very often working as a team on large projects, it improves communication and organization of the junior IT staff, and also they can learn from each other.
  • IT seniors can guide and mentor juniors, help them navigate their careers, and give them advice on how to succeed in the industry. They can also help them improve their professional networks for future opportunities.

Overall, IT juniors may find working with IT seniors a valuable and rewarding experience, as they can learn from more experienced colleagues and work together to solve complex problems.


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