Trends and new regulations on remote jobs in Poland

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ITSELECTA’s triumph in Recruitment: partnering with HR Services company

ITSELECTA's triumph in Recruitment: partnering with HR Services company In November 2023 our IT Recruitment boutique agency embarked on a transformative project with one of our client, an international HR services company. Our agency provides recruitment solutions to...


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Welcome to ITSelecta Talent Solutions!

Welcome to ITSelecta Talent Solutions!  Your recruitment partner in Poland   We are excited to announce that the ITSelecta Recruitment team has united with Octopus Partners Recruitment to form a new agency in Poland, poised to deliver exceptional Talent Solutions...

August 2023 – Multilingual vacancies

ITSelecta is a recruitment agency based in Krakow, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and in full technological development. Thanks to our position and agreements with many international companies, we can provide job seekers with a huge range of recruiting...


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Poland ranks among the top global IT outsourcing destinations, and our agency specializes in providing recruitment services in Poland. We have an extensive network of qualified candidates ready to work remotely for your company. 

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Leverage remote work culture and collaborate with top IT professionals without the added expense of setting up an office in Poland.

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Experience a clear and straightforward process as our recruitment agency guides you in hiring the perfect candidate or an entire team in Poland.

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Through B2B agreements, work directly with IT professionals in Poland who are accustomed to long-term partnerships with US companies. They’ll invoice you monthly, eliminating bureaucratic hassles.

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Hire and collaborate with IT professionals directly, without additional margins from intermediary companies. The candidate works exclusively for you!

Cost-Effective IT Hiring: Poland vs. USA

Compare the notable IT salary differences between Poland and the USA. The table below presents average annual salaries for popular programming roles in both countries.

Hiring skilled IT developers in Poland enables your company to optimize value without compromising quality. Salary data sourced from Glassdoor.

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Don’t let your company get lost in the crowd! Expert Tech Recruiting Firms in Krakow

Based in Krakow, our expert tech recruiting firms are well-versed in the local job market. We have successfully helped numerous companies hire top talent in the region.

Partner with ITSelecta’s IT Recruitment and Marketing team to secure success in the Polish market. We’ll design and implement tailored recruiting strategies that attract, engage, and retain top IT professionals.

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients from the UK, USA, Norway, France, Italy, South Africa, India, Australia, Ukraine, Belarus, Holland, Belgium, and Poland.

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Our RDC (Recruitment Dedicated System) combines 7 years of successful IT recruitment projects into a unique, customer-centric approach that blends recruitment and consultancy.

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We get to know your organization and goals, tailoring our services to your unique needs and ensuring the best possible results.

Time and Effort Savings

We’ll deliver your ideal IT candidate in 5 days, saving you time and effort in filtering out unqualified applicants.

Market Alignment

Our market feasibility study ensures your budget and operations are in sync with the Polish market, providing insights to enhance your recruitment strategy.

Improved Retention

Receive feedback from both the candidate and your company after 4 months, allowing you to optimize your recruitment process and employee experience.

Seamless Communication

Stay connected with us through your preferred platforms: Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or others.

Smooth Onboarding

We’ll assist you in integrating new talent into your organization seamlessly, setting your business up for success.

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Hire the Best IT Specialists – Top IT Recruitment Agency in Eastern Europe

With an office in Poland, we have been operating since 2015, helping global companies hire the best specialists in the region. Our agency offers executive search services, attracting top talent with both technical and soft skills.

Navigating the unique Polish IT recruitment landscape requires specialized knowledge and tactics. Our technical recruiters understand the preferences of local IT professionals and can effectively communicate your company’s vision and projects to potential candidates.

With over a decade of experience and an extensive network of top IT talent, our team will help you adapt and optimize your recruitment strategy for success in the Polish market.

Skilled IT developers are receiving a lot of messages from different recruiters. They will answer only to the ones they are finding more interesting or to recruiters they already talked with in the past.

That’s why it is convenient to work with our IT recruitment team. Our recruiters are technical, they know how to speak to candidates in the right way explaining your company and your projects.

Also, some of them have over 10 years of experience in this field and they have a huge network of selected candidates ready to listen to their new offer/proposition.

Moreover thanks to our consulting approach we will review together with your existing recruitment strategy and we will suggest the best way to win in this competitive market.

Recruiting IT talents in Poland like you would do in your local country like the UK, Ireland or US is NOT the right strategy.

You will need to adapt and shape your strategy according to the local best practice. We know it and we will support you with this delicate and important process.

Looking to hire developers in Poland? Secure Your IT Talent

Our agency specializes in tech recruitment and outsourcing, finding the perfect fit for your company. We attract the best candidates through employer branding initiatives. Get in Touch with Our IT Recruitment Team for Custom Solutions

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Providing a B2B cooperation agreements for Poland, if needed

Connections to skilled English-speaking Polish lawyers for further agreement customization

Recruitment of individual or multiple developers for your remote IT hub in Poland

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