August 2023 – Multilingual vacancies

ITSelecta is a recruitment agency based in Krakow, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and in full technological development. Thanks to our position and agreements with many international companies, we can provide job seekers with a huge range of recruiting...

Your Guide to Top 5 IT Job Boards in Poland

Your Guide to Top 5 IT Job Boards in Poland   If you want to find an It job in Poland then for sure you need to know more about the most popular It Jobs Boards that advertise different offers. In this article we will present and quickly describe 5 the most...

Embracing Diversity and Unity: ITSelecta’s Partnership with Katowice Internationals Foundation

Embracing Diversity and Unity: ITSelecta's Partnership with Katowice Internationals Foundation Introduction At ITSelecta, we are delighted to announce our partnership with the Katowice Internationals Foundation - garagErasmus4Silesia for their Internationals World...

IT Certifications open doors for both employees and employers

The benefits of IT Certifications - for employees and employers If you are an IT professional looking to boost your career or move to even more lucrative job - then you should consider obtaining an IT certification. One of the biggest advantages of having one is that...

What are the bank holidays in Poland?

What are the bank holidays in Poland? One common question asked by our foreign clients when hiring new employees in Poland is about the bank holidays they need to respect. Unlike some other countries, Poland has a slightly higher number of bank holidays, for example...

IT RECRUITMENT: 5 reasons why Poland is the best place for IT Developers

IT RECRUITMENT: 5 reasons why Poland is the best place for IT Developers Recently Poland has been developed especially in the technological sector. We have the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe: Żabka Nano are shops supported by artificial intelligence (they...

How to attract a foreign talent? 5 tips from a recruitment team

We, as recruiters, all know how difficult it is to find foreign talents for some projects, there are very often many differences and even obstacles. We try to use the best methods that we have but not always they work, why is that? In this article, we will try to...

Discover the Future of Tech: What are the Leading Programming Languages of 2023?

It’s Code Time! The world is experiencing rapid changes, the digital landscape is evolving and it comes as no surprise that the demand for tech-savvy people is increasing every day. It is fundamental for any business to adapt to these changes in order to stay...

IT Recruitment – Is Poland the best place for gaming development in 2023?

IT Recruitment – Is Poland the best place for gaming development in 2023? Gaming is a global business that had pioneers in the industry working from all over the world. But today, there is one country in Europe who is leading the way in the global market of video...

What are the favourite computer languages of IT juniors?

What are the favorite computer languages of IT juniors? The programming languages preferred by computer science students may vary depending on the studies that they choose as well as their interests and goals, for example, JavaScript is a very popular language but is...


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Our client-centric approach is the cornerstone of our success, shaping a natural referral system where 80% of our business is driven by recommendations.

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Known as the vice capital of IT outsourcing in Europe, Krakow is a hub for international companies looking to establish their IT, SSC, or BPO Centers of Excellence, making it a prime location for our operations.

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Despite our success, we never compromise on quality. We believe in delivering candidates that align with our clients’ expectations, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and shared growth.

An International Team

Our international, multilingual team, fluent in English, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, and French, helps us understand our clients’ needs and their unique cultures.

Many of our team members have worked in various countries, which enriches our understanding of diverse working environments and cooperation with clients seeking to recruit in Poland.

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We strongly believe in teamwork and close cooperation. Our clients often remark that they feel as if we are an extension of their HR team in Poland.

We stay connected through various communication channels such as Slack, Skype, and Teams, emphasizing our ‘Client Centric’ approach.

We are not just a recruitment agency; we are your trusted partner, delivering tailored solutions to your specific needs.

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At ITSelecta, we are more than just recruiters. We believe in quality work and solving our clients’ needs, rather than merely delivering generic results.

Our success relies on our skilled international team of recruiters and business developers who tirelessly work with a singular goal in mind: to solve your challenges and build powerful internal and external IT and multilingual teams.

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Each of our team members spearheads specific projects, their expertise shaped by their market knowledge, language skills, and educational backgrounds.

The progress and results of these projects are shared and reviewed daily, keeping the entire team updated about the company’s ongoing performance.

This collective spirit of cooperation and shared information empowers ITSelecta to stay ahead of the curve, fostering innovative ideas and delivering optimal solutions day after day.

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