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Our client-centric recruitment services approach is the cornerstone of our success, shaping a natural referral system where 80% of our business is driven by recommendations.

With a diverse team specializing in IT recruitment, BPO-multilingual recruitment, and executive search, we have been growing our brand and clientele organically, serving corporations, SMEs, and funded start-ups alike in Poland and abroad.


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Talent Acquisition: Why Kraków

Known as the vice capital of IT outsourcing in Europe, Krakow is a hub for international companies looking to establish their IT, SSC, or BPO Centers of Excellence, making it a prime location for our operations.

Moreover we successfully supported companies from other cities such as Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk, Lodz, Rzeszow and international companies before, during and after the start up of their business in Poland.

Human resources: Quality Over Quantity

Despite our success, we never compromise on quality. We believe in delivering candidates that align with our clients’ expectations, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and shared growth. Our team provided many top-notch IT and multilingual talents to our clients.

Recruit your talent with our international Staff

In October 2023 two recruitment agencies, ITSelecta and Octopus Partners, joined their forces to provide their clients in various industries not only qualified candidates but also an exceptional customer experience.

Under the new brand of ITSelecta Talent Solutions, our international, multilingual team, fluent in English, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and French, helps us understand our clients’ needs and their unique cultures providing tailore made recruitment strategy and outstanding service and support.

Many of our team members have worked in various countries, which enriches our understanding of diverse working environments and cooperation with clients seeking to recruit in Poland.

Celebrating Success – Best recruitment:
The Voices Of Our Clients

We strongly believe in teamwork and close cooperation. Our clients often remark that they feel as if we are an extension of their HR company in Poland.

We stay connected through various communication channels such as Slack, Skype, and Teams, emphasizing our ‘Client Centric’ approach following step by step all the recruitment process.

We are not just a recruitment agency; we are your trusted partner, delivering tailored solutions to your specific needs avoiding potential problems. Find out our detailed client reviews:

More Than Recruiters

At ITSelecta, we are more than just recruiters. We believe in quality work and solving our clients’ needs, rather than merely delivering generic results.

Our success relies on our skilled international team of experienced consultants – recruiters and business developers – who tirelessly work with a singular goal in mind: to solve your challenges and build powerful internal and external IT and multilingual teams.

Our Recruitment Head is a JavaScript developer who will ensure not only the quality of service for clients and job seekers but also hr consulting tailor-made to clients’ needs.

Teamwork and
Knowledge Sharing

Each of our team members spearheads specific projects, their expertise shaped by their market knowledge, language skills, and educational backgrounds.

The progress and results of these projects are shared and reviewed daily, keeping the entire team updated about the company’s ongoing performance.

This collective spirit of cooperation and shared information empowers ITSelecta to stay ahead of the curve, fostering innovative ideas and delivering optimal solutions day after day.

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We are not just delivering recruitment solutions; we are building a bridge to your future success.

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