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Culture has always been the intangible string that determines whether or not employees will flourish within a company. The impact of culture becomes much more pronounced as businesses begin to grow and scale. But how can companies foster a positive culture, and how do they tell prospective employees that they have what they’re looking for in an employer?

There’s no rulebook on how to do these things, but there are ways that will help put companies on the right track.

Go Beyond The Scope

A great way to disengage employees from the company is to only value them for their output. Pragmatic businesses often fall into the trap of not caring about their employees as people and judge their worth from their quarterly stats.

It’s easy for employees in such environments to feel dispensable and therefore less secure about their financial stability. While business owners can, and are encouraged to, focus on results, bluntly putting only that as the priority won’t inspire any kind of loyalty.

Go beyond the scope of work and foster support systems that cover other aspects of employee life. Taking interest in an employee’s development outside their job description can do wonders for their confidence and engagement with the company.

Encourage Locality

Multinational companies often have the problem of staffing their remote locations for a variety of reasons. Some may find it difficult to do, but the best thing to do in such situations is to hire employees from those same localities.

We recently worked with a company that had similar staffing problems and they recounted their experience in this Clutch review:

Several top rated companies gain more support when they do this because finding work near your own location is uncommon. Employees who find themselves in such a positive situation will work harder to preserve it.

Provide Career Roadmaps

Most employees don’t see themselves doing the same thing for the rest of their lives. The job they’re applying for is just a starting point for something better, and companies aren’t as aware of this as they should be.

Provide employees with a general career roadmap upon recruitment and that will accomplish two things. First, it will provide them a clear throughline goal to work towards for the durations of their stay. Second, it shows that the company is well-organized and a good investment to gain experience from.

Companies don;t have to strictly adhere to such roadmaps though, the important thing is that they value career development for their employees.

These techniques can mean the difference between retaining top talent and constantly looking to replace them. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with our team! We speak different languages and we are always available to provide you with all the answers!


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