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ITSELECTA – Game Changer Effort in the Recruitment industry

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ITSELECTA is Leaving Their Mark on the HR Services Industry

There is a lot more to recruitment than just finding bodies to fill slots. Vendors need to understand what their clients actually need, how they work internally, and what kind of people are already there. This is a lot of research, and not everyone can perform their due diligence every single time.

When we began our practice almost six years ago, we decided to build our team and process in a way that addresses that pain point directly. The result was a screening process that distilled all the possible candidates down to both their technical capabilities and temperament.

While this approach is not exactly novel, it is quite tricky and we aim to stand out from the rest by being as consistent as possible with our candidates. Fortunately, we have been quite successful in applying our process with all our projects.

This is according to our partner who has gone through the trouble of sharing their thoughts on our work in the form of reviews.



This particular review was from a machinery designer and manufacturer that needed help expanding their international sales team. They were able to find us through a recommendation and they selected us because of our experience working with international teams.

Needless to say, they liked the candidates we provided for their approval and the time it took us finding them. This is evident in the high score they gave our team for the engagement. This is a special project because it helped us get listed as one of the top Easter European HR services on Clutch.

Customers like to work with us because we recruit with a human touch. We deliver successful candidates for IT and multilingual projects because we test not only skills and competencies but also cultural fit of the candidate that ensures the retention of the talent in the company.

Companies are choosing us just by recommendation from other clients or recruiters that are changing companies are calling us again to work together. We deliver successful projects each month and many happy candidate reviews are the proof of it. 

Our team of recruiters has not only great experience and skills but also a great-consolidated network within the IT and multilingual candidates in Poland so they have more chances that candidates will answer to them.

If all this sounds like something you need for your own expansion plans, you can learn more about our team and what we do by visiting our website. Contact us whenever you are ready to take the next step in your growth journey.