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How Can You Excel in 2024? Insights into Poland’s IT Colleges and Courses

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IT Education in Poland: Students at the lecture

How Can You Excel in 2024? Insights into Poland’s IT Colleges and Courses

The best IT higher education institutions in Poland

In today’s competitive labor market, competence development is extremely important. The IT industry continues to play a key role in the Polish market, which means that investing in education in this field should be equally important. Technical universities in Poland are important in educating professionals who drive the development of innovative technologies and industries. Poland boasts a wide range of educational offerings in IT, including many renowned universities. These institutions, thanks to their high rankings, provide prospective students with valuable information that helps them choose the best place to study.

Young people preparing to enter the labor market have a choice of both higher education and vocational education training. There are currently more than 400 universities and colleges in Poland, including 48 public universities, 23 of which are technical universities. In 2021, there were 68,035 ICT students and 13,443 ICT graduates, including about 16,000 computer science graduates.

Full-time studies at public universities are free of charge for Polish students and foreigners who begin their studies in Poland under the conditions applicable to Polish citizens. The lack of tuition fees makes Poland a student-friendly country. Polish universities also welcome international students who are willing to get a degree in Poland. Many universities and schools in Poland offer student exchanges, which can benefit Polish students who wish to study abroad. This influences the exchange of experiences between people from different cultures and positively influences diversity at Polish universities.

List of the best technical universities in Poland

Many universities specialize in technical majors such as computer science, applied computer science and cybersecurity which highly prepare students for employment in these fields.

Among the best technical universities in Poland according to the Perspektywy ranking are:

Warsaw University of Technology – one of the largest and most prestigious technical universities in Poland. It offers a rich selection of specializations related to computer science and software engineering, including applied computer science, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.

AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow – offers studies related to computer science, including software engineering, information technology and databases.

Gdansk University of Technology – has many specializations related to computer science, such as information systems, computer networks, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

Wroclaw University of Technology – allows you to get an education in computer science, software engineering, data communications, as well as cyber security

Lodz University of Technology – the university provides opportunities for education in the field of engineering sciences in such fields as computer science, information technology, applied computer science or automation and robotics.

Poznan University of Technology – provides the opportunity to get an education in the field of automation and robotics, computer science or artificial intelligence.

Silesian University of Technology – has technical specializations such as materials engineering, general engineering, industrial automation and robotics.

Lublin University of Technology – offers engineering studies including engineering and data analysis, security engineering and computer science.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology – offers majors such as computer science, applied computer science, security engineering, materials engineering.

In addition to the degree offerings, there are many other educational institutions specializing in IT. Young people can choose from vocational training, programming courses and workshops, which are popular forms of learning in this field. Many of them are also available online, making it possible to learn from anywhere, anytime.

IT Courses and Certifications in information technology

IT courses and training are approached in different ways. Proponents of courses believe that they are an ideal way to gain knowledge and skills, which at the same time contributes to getting a better-paying job. However, there are also opponents of this form of learning, claiming that IT courses are of little use, and that those who take them do not gain practical knowledge, and that the certificates themselves are acquired wholesale. In such situations, it is worth betting on quality rather than the number of certificates earned.

There are many IT courses and trainings available on the market. When starting a job, a specific certificate can make a candidate stand out in the eyes of recruiters. However, it is necessary to skillfully choose courses so that the knowledge actually gained in them is useful, and the certificate of the training itself makes itself known as the one actually “professional”. For this reason, it is advisable to choose certification in well-known and reputable companies and organizations that offer many useful and practical exercises.

However, it should not be forgotten that while it is worth having a certificate with which we can support the skills we have, these very skills are the most important for getting your dream job in IT. Students must remember that practical knowledge and skills are key, and certifications should be a supplement to them, not a substitute.

Opinion of programmers and recruiters

When recruiting IT specialists, recruiters look at both knowledge of specific technologies and experience, as well as acquired knowledge. IT specialists have different options for learning: some choose to go to college, others attend bootcamps or professional courses, and still others choose to learn on their own with the help of tutorials and materials available online. How are the different forms of education evaluated by recruiters?

According to the No Fluff Jobs report, recruiters rated the various forms of education in the IT industry as follows:

  • Self-study: 4.29/5.0
  • Specialized courses: 3.94/5.0
  • Formal education e.g. College: 3.44/5.0
  • Programming school: 3.19/5.0

Recruiters’ appreciation of the knowledge possessed by self-taught professionals is evident. The same recruiters cited knowledge of a specific technology as the most important factor in deciding whether to hire for an IT position – 88.1%. A college degree is in third place, suggesting that recruiters are increasingly focusing on actual skills rather than formal higher education in Poland.

Where do IT professionals get their knowledge from?

Additionally, according to the Bulldogjob report, the favorite mode of learning for more than 58% of the IT professionals surveyed is video content. When asked about the sources of knowledge necessary for their work, they indicated:

  • Documentation – 76.2%
  • Online courses and materials available on YouTube – 74.9%
  • Co-workers and friends – 64.5%
  • Blogs and thematic websites – 63.5%
  • Online forums – 49.5%
  • Paid courses and trainings – 43.3%
  • Books – 38.8%
  • Conferences and meetups – 24.9%

Only 4.8% pointed to studies as a source of knowledge needed for work. The data suggests that people working in the IT industry most often acquire the knowledge they need for their daily work from the Internet, choosing courses and training more readily than studies.

Courses and training, despite the presence of opponents, can contribute significantly to competence development and even promotion. A good course from a reputable institution, especially in high-demand fields, can help you get a better-paying and more stable job. Qualitative certifications can distinguish a candidate in the job market, showing commitment to development and possession of advanced skills. However, it is important to remember that the purpose of courses is to gain knowledge. It is the actual skills and knowledge that ultimately determine employment in a given position.

The Most Desired Skills on the IT Labor Market in Poland

The IT industry is changing rapidly from year to year, driven by the development and introduction of new technologies and solutions to streamline work. While the importance of artificial intelligence is growing, soft skills are also increasingly in demand.

According to the 2024 Bulldogjob report, the most popular programming languages among respondents were:

  • SQL – 41.7%
  • JavaScript – 40%
  • Python – 33.5%
  • HTML/CSS – 30.9%
  • TypeScript – 30.6%
  • Java – 27.1%
  • C# – 18.9%
  • PHP – 11.3%

Meanwhile, according to data from the No Fluff Jobs “Kompetencje w IT” report, the key technologies required to start a career in IT are:

  • SQL – 46%
  • JavaScript – 37%
  • Python – 31%
  • Java – 27%
  • C# – 21%

In addition to technical skills, candidates for IT positions must have the right soft skills. According to recruiters, the most important of these are:

  • Teamwork – 90.9%
  • Flexibility – 87.4%
  • Independence – 86.8%
  • Communicativeness – 86.6%
  • Problem solving – 86.2%
  • Dealing with criticism – 81%

Forecasted trends in new job development indicate an increase in demand for cyber security specialists, due to growing cyber threats. In turn, the development of cloud technologies is generating demand for specialists in this field. Automation and the development of artificial intelligence are increasing the efficiency of work, which also generates a growing demand for specialists in these areas.

2024: IT + soft skills

In 2024, key skills include both technical areas and soft skills. Specialists in niche areas such as AI, Machine Learning or specific programming languages are increasingly in demand. Continuous learning and development are becoming essential to survive in this dynamic market. The rich offer of courses and training, as well as studies in Poland, allows those willing to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. The IT industry continues to be a market with huge potential for professionals to advance their careers. Investing in the development of both technical and soft skills is key to meeting the demands of employers and rapidly changing technologies.

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