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AI & work in Europe in 2024: are Centaur Workers the future of the workforce?

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Life is a continuous change, or “panta rhei” as Heraclitus, the ancient philosopher, taught us.
This principle is especially relevant today as we witness the rapid integration of technology into our daily lives and work, with AI at the forefront of this evolution.
A recent study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) underscores this transformation, suggesting that 40% of global jobs will be influenced by AI, with significant impacts expected in mature economies such as the EU, UK, and the U.S.


What Skills are in Demand in the AI-Driven Job Market of 2024? A HR perspective

According to Linkedin, the most in-demand job skills in 2024 are communication, customer service, leadership, project management, management, analytics, teamwork, sales, problem solving, and research.


Most in-demand skills in 2024


The next logical questions would be:

How does Artificial Intelligence intersect with these demands? How Can AI enhance Human Skills in the workplace?

AI technologies, including tools like ChatGPT, are poised to augment human capabilities in several domains:

  • Communication: AI can offer suggestions for more effective communication, provide translation services, and assist in drafting and editing documents.
  • Customer Service: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can offer round-the-clock support and personalized customer service.
  • Leadership and Project Management: AI can provide data-driven insights to support decision-making and optimize project management tasks.
  • Analytics: AI’s ability to process and analyze large datasets can uncover trends and insights, aiding in more informed decision-making.
  • Sales and Marketing: AI can analyze customer data to optimize sales strategies and enhance customer engagement.


Who are the ‘Centaur Workers’ and how do they fit into the future of work? – Benefits of using AI

Andrew Flowers is talking about the concept of “Centaur Workers” in his article “The Rise of the Centaur Worker.”
Centaurs are a new type of worker that embodies a symbiotic relationship between AI tools like ChatGPT and human capabilities, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
These workers combine human creativity and intuition with AI’s efficiency, optimizing tasks such as research, content creation, and problem-solving. This concept suggests that rather than displacing jobs, ChatGPT and similar technologies can augment human labour, leading to a workforce that is more effective and adaptable.



What are the top job opportunities for Centaur Workers in the European job market in February 2024?

According to Linkedin’s data the roles that are growing in demand in Europe in 2024 are:

  • France: 1) Sales Manager 2) Admissions Specialist 3) Energy Broker
  • Germany: 1) Sustainability Manager 2) Cyber Security Analyst 3) Public Sector Consultant
  • Ireland: 1) Caseworker 2) Learning Specialist 3) Chief Commercial Officer
  • Italy: 1) Business Development Representative 2) Artificial Intelligence Engineer 3) Security Operations Center Analyst
  • Netherlands: 1) Talent Acquisition Specialist 2) Data Steward 3) Product Analyst
  • Spain: 1) Security Operations Center Analyst 2) Software Engineering Analyst 3) Sustainability Manager
  • Sweden: 1) Cyber Security Engineer 2) Sustainability Analyst 3) Growth Specialist
  • Switzerland: 1) Financial Advisor 2) Human Resources Specialist 3)Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • United Kingdom: 1) Sustainability Manager 2) Sales Development Representative 3) Underwriting Analyst

Which of these roles can truly benefit from AI, and which might face challenges? And how can AI improve Job Roles? What are its Limits?

While AI can enhance many job functions by automating tasks and analyzing data, certain roles requiring deep human insight and creativity may see less direct impact. Jobs like Energy Brokers or Chief Commercial Officers rely on nuanced human judgment that AI currently cannot replicate.
Let ‘s see it in details…

Use of ai – Jobs that can be improved:

  • Sales Manager: AI can optimize pricing, forecasting, and customer relationship management.
  • Admissions Specialist: AI can help in processing applications and personalizing communication with applicants.
  • Cyber Security Analyst: AI can detect threats and anomalies faster than humans.
  • Public Sector Consultant: AI can analyse data to improve public services.
  • Learning Specialist: AI can personalize learning plans for students.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer: By definition, this role involves improving AI itself.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist: AI can screen candidates and optimize recruiting processes.
  • Data Steward: AI can assist in data management and analysis.
  • Software Engineering Analyst: AI can help in code review and optimization.
  • Human Resources Specialist: AI can manage routine HR queries and help with talent management and improve recruitment process.
  • Underwriting Analyst: AI can assess risks and assist in decision-making.


Jobs less likely to be improved by AI:

  • Energy Broker: Requires negotiation and a deep understanding of market dynamics, which are currently beyond AI’s capabilities.
  • Caseworker: Involves complex human interactions and decision-making that AI cannot easily replicate.
  • Chief Commercial Officer: High-level strategy and business development roles require a level of creative and strategic thinking that AI has not achieved.
  • Security Operations Center Analyst: While some tasks can be automated, human judgment is critical for complex threat analyses.
  • Growth Specialist: AI can provide data, but the strategic decisions often require human intuition.
  • Financial Advisor: Personal finance advice often requires understanding unique human circumstances.
  • Sustainability Manager: Involves strategic decisions and policy-making that require human leadership and negotiation skills.

It seems that almost all the jobs can be slightly improved by AI utilization and some of them in a significant way and there are already jobs for Centaur workers.
Human skills are augmented by AI tools such as ChatGPT. This partnership leverages AI’s analytical power and efficiency with human creativity and strategic thinking to boost productivity and innovation.

Map of Poland with text "AI"


How is Poland Embracing AI in the Workplace?

All indications are that key players in the international market are realizing the potential of artificial intelligence and are pinning their hopes for the future on this technology.
We are eyewitnesses to the change that is happening today in this context.
There is a noticeable increase in interest in this topic on the part of companies internationally but also in Poland, the market where our recruitment agency mostly operates.

These are some of the positions related to AI:

  • AI Engineer – builds and implements AI systems and applications. Designs and implements machine learning algorithms, responsible for integrating AI systems into existing applications, and optimizing AI models for performance and scalability.
  • Machine Learning Engineer – responsible for developing, building and implementing models and machine learning systems.
  • AI Researcher – solve problems and look for new and original ways to create systems.
  • Data scientist in AI/ML – his task, for example, is to build and evaluate predictive models to predict future outcomes.
  • ML Security Engineer – responsible for securing products and platforms
  • AI Prompt Engineer – designs, develops and refines queries directed at artificial intelligence systems.
  • Natural Language Processing  Engineer – designs and creates Natural Language Processing systems, designs and implements new algorithms, does testing and improving existing solutions, creating and maintaining large datasets
  • AI Product Manager – define problems to solve with AI/ML, prioritize solutions, perform gap analysis on existing data, and identify new data sources
  • Head of AI – leads and manages a team of AI and ML professionals who design, build, and operate AI solutions for our customers
  • AI Applications Engineer – designs, develops, and maintains AI-powered systems and applications for specific domains and industries.


Large companies in Poland are looking for new specialists responsible for creating, improving or using artificial intelligence. Some of the companies that are currently looking for people for positions related to Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence in Poland are: Luxoft, Ey, Accenture, Nokia, Allegro, Sii Poland, Samsung R&D Institute Poland, Google and Comarch.


What does the Polish Job Market tell us about AI’s impact?

As the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) continues its upward trajectory, its gradual integration into businesses sheds light on its burgeoning impact.
We delved into the current landscape of AI-related job opportunities in Poland by analysing data from the country’s three most popular IT job portals, Justjoin.it, NoFluffJobs and Theprotocol.it, as of February 2024.

The findings offer a tangible measure of AI’s growing influence in the Polish job market.

How prevalent are AI-Related Jobs on Justjoin.it?
On Justjoin.it, the job listings paint a vivid picture of the demand for AI expertise:

  • AI Engineer: 42 listings
  • Machine Learning Engineer: 62 listings
  • NLP Engineer: 9 listings
  • AI Product Manager: 1 listings
  • Head of AI: 5 listings
  • AI Applications Engineer: 2 listings

A keyword search for “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” further underscores this demand, yielding 194 and 844 results, respectively. These numbers not only highlight the variety of roles available but also the significant interest in AI and ML skills.


What does No Fluff Jobs reveal about AI Job opportunities?

Turning our attention to No Fluff Jobs the data offers additional insights:

  • AI Engineer: 60 listings
  • Machine Learning Engineer: 109 listings
  • NLP Engineer: 23 listings
  • AI Product Manager: 1 listings
  • Head of AI: 1 listings
  • AI Researcher: 59 listings

Keyword searches for “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” bring up 87 and 106 listings, respectively. These figures further attest to the robust demand for AI professionals in Poland, mirroring a broader European trend of embracing AI technology.


What AI job opportunities are available at TheProtocol.it?

The last of the portals in question, TheProtocol.it, shows a smaller number of AI-related job offers.

  • AI Engineer: 8 listings
  • Machine Learning Engineer: 8 listings
  • NLP Engineer: 2 listings
  • AI Product Manager: 3 listings
  • Head of AI: 1 listings
  • AI Applications Engineer: 1 listings


How is AI’s evolution impacting job availability and skill requirements?

The examination of job listings on LinkedIn and pracuj.pl reveals a significant demand for AI-related positions in Poland, indicative of a larger trend across Europe towards the integration of AI technologies. This burgeoning interest in AI skills highlights the technology’s pivotal role in shaping the future job market, suggesting a shift towards more specialized, AI-driven roles.
Will AI replace Human Jobs, or create new opportunities?

The evolution of AI in the workforce is a double-edged sword.
While some jobs may become obsolete, new roles are emerging that blend AI with human creativity and strategic thinking. This shift underscores the need for a balanced approach to AI, focusing on its potential to enhance work efficiency and productivity rather than solely on job displacement.



As we venture through the evolving landscapes of work and technology, it becomes evident that artificial intelligence (AI) transcends its role as a mere disruptor to become a vital collaborator. This shift heralds new avenues for innovation and efficiency. The ‘Centaur Worker’ concept embodies this symbiosis, envisioning a future where AI and human expertise jointly propel progress and productivity forward.
Echoing the timeless wisdom of Heraclitus—’everything flows’—we are reminded that life is in constant flux. In the years to come, we anticipate further advancements in these technologies, offering us the opportunity to gauge their true impact on the labor market more accurately.
Yet, all signs point towards a more nuanced reality, suggesting that the apprehensions surrounding AI might be more shadow than substance.