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7 reasons why languages are important in the job market

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Nowadays, it is believed that there is no more need for learning new languages since we can use apps to translate everything or English is sufficient enough. However, in a working environment, this statement seems to be false. Here you can find reasons why languages play a very important role in the job market.

1.     Language unifies people in a company and creates communities. This is also noticeable in every country – You belong in the country whose language we speak of. The same analogy works for international companies with multilingual job positions. When you speak more than one language, you belong to more communities and you can expand not only your international network but also your personal environment.

2.     Multilingual workers are considered more efficient workers. Language skills show your commitment to expanding your horizons and your motivation. Learning languages by itself will improve your soft skills and mental health.

3.     Knowing more than one language is a very prestigious skill.  The more skills and experience you have in your CV, the better. This also applies to languages. Just having languages above the B2 level is so much more prestigious than any other skill. In a lot of cases, companies prefer multilingual employees because it shows the development and globalization of the company and the comprehension of the need for different markets.

4.     Language bonus. The more languages you know, the more you earn. Many companies offer this appealing bonus to attract more employees. It is a good reason to improve your language skills so you can have more benefits.

5.     Easy access to the job market. It is easier and faster to find a job when you know more languages. You’ll have a bigger variety of opportunities to choose from. Also, a multilingual specialist is believed to be a more efficient and communicative person.

6.     One language is not enough.  Nowadays, people who speak only English are less desired in the job market. It is harder to find a job that will be satisfying in many aspects. Also, English is taken for granted and it’s a skill that everyone needs to have. In fact, it is now a requirement in almost every company.

7.     Better communication among colleagues. In a lot of workplaces, the international environment is a very common thing. Consequently, there might be more problems in intercultural communication. To avoid this kind of issue and to gain more friends during a conversation, it is better to speak more languages. Not only to communicate with natives but also to understand their cultures and reduce misunderstandings.

There are many more reasons to learn more about languages and other cultures, it can also be for pleasure. It is good to find a common goal and unite hobbies in a professional environment. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with our team! We speak different languages and we are always available to provide you with all the answers!

You can reach us at info@itselecta.com or +48 506 033 065.

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