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5 key points you should pay attention to when seeking job abroad

Apr 20, 2021Europe, Find a job, job market, work, work abroad0 comments

5 key points you should pay attention to when seeking job abroad.


Finding a new job abroad is an extraordinary feeling. The thought of starting an international career might be a little bit scary but is so exciting! – Meeting new people, learning new languages, immersing yourself in a new culture, developing your skillset in a new environment, and living a bunch of new and terrific experiences are just a few things that can make expanding one’s career abroad.

Everything starts with one question… Should I work abroad? Followed by an adventurous feeling inside us. It might be the first time we’re thinking about leaving our home county, or it could be the case that we’re driven by positive past experiences and we’d like to live abroad again. In any case, this simple question introduces a plenitude of additional questions. Because once we set off to seek out the information we need, a whole world of limitless opportunities opens up in front of us.


 Some benefits of working abroad

  • It enhances your resume: working abroad helps to understand how global markets operate as businesses aren´t conducted the same way across the world.

Is a fact that you will develop your working related skills in a foreign environment and your flexibility, adaptability, and communication skills will improve seamlessly.

You might wonder how can your career benefit from this. Well…

Hiring managers prefer people who can easily adjust to new environments such as their company. Moving abroad and finding a job there also shows motivation, initiative, independence -attributes that are very valuable on the job market.

Also, no matter your career path, they are always looking for candidates that can communicate clearly.

What´s more, they are looking for candidates who stand apart from the crowd and this might be your spotlight.

  • You will be exposed to various cultural experiences: Experiencing a new culture will raise your cultural awareness and open your mind as you will also have to listen and take into consideration different points of view. Dealing with and internalizing cultural differences is a great start to thinking outside the box

Living abroad also challenges the perspectives and values that you have inherited and in most cases, this leads to profound personal growth.

All in all, working abroad will make you be more valued by employers as you will have international work experience under your belt. Also, your cultural awareness and communication skills will increase while experiencing personal and professional growth.


The 5 key points

In order to start seeking a job abroad, the first thing we should do is think about the country we would like to work in. It’s always good to have the following things in mind:

  • Which countries/ cities we already like: if you have always dreamt about living for a while in a certain country or city… why shouldn´t this be the right moment? Do you fancy sunny countries, or are the rainy ones your cup of tea?
  • Your field of expertise: Let’s say you’re looking to gain experience in the tourism industry, countries such as Spain or Italy will always have an opportunity to offer. Is the finance sector your field of interest? Maybe Luxemburg or a city like Frankfurt could be the perfect destination for you.
  • Cost of living: you should be aware of the cost of living in the city and therefore your salary expectations. Websites like Numbeo and Glassdoor are an excellent starting point for your research!
  • Language: In today’s world English, is enough to move to any European country. By having at least, a B2 or C1 level of proficiency you fulfill this requirement for most of the positions out there. However, knowing the local language or willingness to learn it is a huge plus.
  • Connection to your home country: It is comforting to know that you can always catch a direct flight or train to visit your hometown and beloved ones.


Place decided… now what?

Once we have decided on the place, we need to think if we want to move abroad and then seek jobs or find a job first and then move abroad.

On one hand, applying online could be the safest option. On the other hand, applying while living in the city could be easier to make contacts, and search for opportunities that might not be advertised on the internet.

This is a very personal decision, which depends on personal circumstances and budgets.

In any case, having an up-to-date CV is crucial. Here is an article where you can find 8 details you should pay attention to when preparing your CV. As it will be focused on an international market, it is necessary to have an English version of your resume. Please pay attention to practical details, such as providing your phone number with the country prefix and mentioning your relocation availability.

Depending on which country you choose, the recruitment process and protocol of resumes can vary. Make sure that you are aware of which is the best way to present yourself. A nice, thoughtful, and specific cover letter for each position you apply for is always a good idea to impress hiring managers. It is a testament of your motivation, and enthusiasm to start working for that company – and an easy way to increase your chances to get your desired job.

Some websites where you can search for jobs abroad are LinkedIn and Indeed. Make sure that you also know what’s the most popular job portal in your target country.

As recruitment processes can get long-winded, always try to stay patient while being active.

It might be a little difficult at the beginning, but it is possible.

Always have in mind that all the challenges coming your way -searching for a job and living abroad- will equip you with skill sets that will make you a better version of yourself, not only as an individual but as a professional.

Sometimes working abroad for a limited interval in a credible international company can prove just as, if not more valuable than working your way up in a local business.

Are you looking for a job to gain experience abroad? Please head over to our vacancies to check out our international vacancies. Start your quest for a career abroad today! Here at Itselecta, we can assist you with the recruitment process and help you find your dream job.



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