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4 ways to show your strong points during a job interview

Feb 1, 2021Communication, CV, Find a job, job market, multilingual recruitment, Recruitment, Skills, startup, work0 comments

Everyone knows the feeling when you are going to have an interview and you want to prepare yourself in the best way possible. When you start thinking about potential questions that might be  asked, you will realize that you have no idea what answers should you should prepare or what to expect from recruiters.

Here are some key techniques that can help you during any recruitment process:

  1. Language fluency and self-confidence gives a better impression than being grammatically correct (except language test of course). When the point you are trying to make is clear and you seem to be very fluent while talking, automatically you sound more skilled and more professional.
  2. Try to give short and precise answers with key words (for ex. about your skills and experience). A lot of recruiters do fast-paced interviews because they just need to know some basic information about you. Focus on your experience!
  3. WHY? – favourite question of all recruiters: Why have you applied for this position? Why did you quit your previous job? Why would you like to move to Poland? Why should we choose you and not others candidates for this position? – these are some of the questions that you can hear during the interview. Just be sure that you know how to answer them in a logical and short way. Also, it is good to think about other WHY questions that can be asked in your specific case.
  4. STAR model – this technique is used by many recruiters all around the world. STAR stands for SITUATION, TASK, ACTION, RESULT. When you give examples of your skills, the best way to support your answer is to give an exact example from your past experience, explaining the situation that you were in, the task that you had to complete, the action that you took to complete this task and what was the result of this action. It will show that you are very reliable candidate, but also your past experience in a nutshell.

These basic techniques are crucial if you want to pass to the next steps of recruitment process in a quick and professional way. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with our team! We speak different languages and we are always available to provide you with all the answers!

You can reach us at info@itselecta.com or +48 506 033 065.

Check our website to be sure you will not miss any vacancy that might be your future dream job: www.itselecta.com

We wish you GOOD LUCK on your future interviews,



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