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The most significant IT events and tech conferences in Poland in 2024

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The most significant IT events and tech conferences in Poland in 2024

The IT world continues to develop dynamically and Poland not only keeps up with global trends, but also plays an important role on the international stage. In our country, every year the calendar of IT conferences is increasingly impressive, attracting both experts and enthusiasts. Poland hosts industry events that not only promote innovation, but also offer countless benefits for participants – from networking opportunities, access to the latest technologies, to inspiring speeches from industry experts. Let’s check out what conferences in Poland 2024 await us in the coming months and why you should be a part of these events!

Calendar of the most important IT events and conferences in Poland in 2024

We are at the halfway point of 2024, so many conferences are already behind us. Let’s take a look at what important events took place this year, and check out what else is in store for us starting in June.

Conferences that took place in 2024

Behind us are many IT events that took place in our country this year. Some of them are:

AzureDay Poland 2024 – 15.02.2024, Warsaw – AzureDay Poland is an event organized since 2016 by the Microsoft Azure User Group Poland community with the support of friendly organizations and companies.

Warszawskie Dni Informatyki – 05.04.2024, online and 06.04.2024, Warsaw – Event held for the 15th time, lasting 2 days, offering online and live meetings. At it you can learn about IT industry trends and solutions and technologies worth your attention.

4Developers 2024 – 16.04.2024, Warsaw – The nationwide 4Developers conference is an iconic event bringing together all technology enthusiasts.

Geecon 2024 – 15-17.05.2024, Krakow – GeeCON 2024 is the next edition of the conference focusing on Java and JVM-based technologies, with a special emphasis on languages such as Groovy and Scala. The event is aimed at everyone interested in news from the world of Java and related.

Na Podbój IT!  – 25.05.2024, Poznań – The conference is aimed for IT beginners, with free admission for students.

Confidence Conference – 27-28.05.2024, Kraków – It is an international cyber security conference focused on spreading awareness and best practices among professionals from various industries.

Lambda Days – 27-28.05.2024, Krakow – A two-day conference that brings together experts and enthusiasts of the technology industry and languages such as Scala, Erlang, Haskell, F#, Elixir and many others.

What else awaits us in 2024?

Still, many conferences stand open to all eager technology enthusiasts. Some of the most important upcoming IT conferences and events in Poland are:

Code Europe – 10-11.06.2024, Krakow – Code Europe is an IT conference that brings together professionals from different technology backgrounds in Krakow, Poland. The aim of Code Europe is to connect the world of software development, bringing together speakers and IT experts from all over the world, with different experience and knowledge.
The event offers 2 days of speeches, a chillout zone, networking with more than 100 speakers from around the world and 2,000 IT experts.

Women in Tech Summit 2024 – 12-13.06.2024, Warsaw – The conference lasts 2 days, during which technical minds will share their knowledge during inspiring lectures, skill-enhancing workshops, mentoring sessions, recruitment meetings and industry networking. It is the place to meet women from the world of science, business and technology in Europe.

Ace! Conference 2024 – 13-14.06.2024, Krakow – This is another edition of the conference attracting people from all over Central Europe. This edition combines two tracks: Agile Software Development and Product Design & Management into one conference. ACE! will feature 25 foreign and Polish speakers who are leaders in their fields. The conference includes two days of learning, networking sessions, open space panels, and more.

Devoxx Poland – 19.06-21.06.2024, Krakow – It is the largest Java conference in Poland. Its program is scheduled for 3 days and will be attended by 2,700 people from different countries, including more than 100 speakers. In addition, online presentations will enable thousands more developers from around the world to participate.

PHPers Summit 2024 –  20-21.06.2024, Poznań – 8th edition of PHPers Summit conference. More than 1,300 participants are expected to attend. The first day is scheduled for workshops, where attendees will be able to learn the secrets of scaling monoliths, take a closer look at design patterns and also open space, an informal meeting of conference participants, where everyone can propose a topic for discussion, exchange experiences or make new contacts.

React Universe Conf 2024 – 5-6.09.2024, Wroclaw – React Universe Conf is where developers and thought leaders come together to discover the latest trends, exchange insights on React and React Native.

The conference includes discussions on fullstack programming with React and practical insights on creating cross-platform applications using React Native. It also includes workshops led by experts that delve into the heart of performance optimization, testing strategies, and server components and operations.

BSides Kraków 2024 – 14.09.2024, Krakow – BSides Krakow is an international InfoSec conference organized by the community.

The event brings together security experts from different platforms. The goal is to broaden the spectrum of conversations and enable a greater variety of events. The events are traditionally free and offer people an alternative to everything else. Conversations cover topics from hardware hacking to gender issues, from Twitter hacking to proximity-based identity theft.

The conference program includes meetings with speakers, sessions, training and workshops, and an official after party.

Beyond Code 2024 – 19-20.09.2024, Mazury – The conference is dedicated to exploring the many facets of IT. The talks range from technical leadership skills, mentoring, communication and negotiation to architecture and even hobbies outside of work.

Agile By Example 2024 – 30.09-2.10.2024, Warsaw – The event has been organized since 2011. Agile By Example 2024 is the next edition of the acclaimed Central European conference on Agile and Lean methods in software development.

DevConf 2024 – 16-18.10.2024, Lodz – DevConf is one of the most important annual software development conferences in Poland, consisting of 3 days of workshops and speeches.

The event is divided in two parts: pre-conference workshops on 16 Oct 2024 and the conference on 17-18 Oct 2024.

The Hack Summit 2024 – 17.10.2024 online and 18.10.2024, Warsaw – The Hack Summit 2024 is a conference for everyone involved in cyber security – from technical issues to strategy to risk and compliance. It brings together both cybersecurity specialists and representatives of the industry’s most important organizations, as well as people simply interested in the topic.

The conference offers 3 formats of speeches: a lecture delivered live online, a lecture delivered live on-site in Warsaw, and a lecture delivered prior to the conference in the form of a pre-recorded video.

JDD 2024 – 22-23.10.2024, Krakow – This is a conference for all Java enthusiasts including software engineers, developers, team leaders and other enthusiasts looking to expand and share their knowledge.

The conference provides meetings with top experts, well-known speakers and experienced developers.

ML in PL Conference 2024 – 7-10.11.2024, Warsaw – The 8th edition of the annual conference, held in Warsaw, Poland, focusing on machine learning research and applications. Organized by the non-profit association ML in PL. Gathers a diverse audience of both professionals and machine learning enthusiasts. Provides attendees with a platform to listen to leading experts in the field, present and discuss their latest research, and meet like-minded machine learning enthusiasts.

OhMyHack 2024 – 26.11.2024, Warsaw – The event for cyber security enthusiasts has been successfully held for several years and attracts top industry professionals to share their knowledge and experience.

What are the benefits of attending tech conferences?

Participation in events and conferences has many benefits that can significantly affect the professional and personal development of participants. First of all, it is an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts in the industry – networking with other professionals can lead to new collaborations, projects or even job offers. During the conference, there are plenty of opportunities to talk with guests, attendees and interviewees. Networking is an ideal opportunity to seek new professional opportunities, and to recruit new colleagues.

In addition, attendees have the opportunity to acquire the latest knowledge and skills, so they can stay abreast of current trends and technologies. Conferences often include workshops where you can practice soft skills, which are just as important as specialized knowledge.

Conferences are also a place where you can exchange experiences and inspiration, which often results in new ideas and innovative solutions. Not to forget access to lectures and workshops led by experts – a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. The attractiveness of the event is often determined by the invited speakers and special guests and participants.

Ultimately, participation in such events strengthens professional standing and helps build a personal brand, which is invaluable in the rapidly evolving IT field.