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IT RECRUITMENT: 5 reasons why Poland is the best place for IT Developers

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IT RECRUITMENT: 5 reasons why Poland is the best place for IT Developers

Recently Poland has been developed especially in the technological sector. We have the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe: Żabka Nano are shops supported by artificial intelligence (they are showing up so fast around the country). Also in Poland it is very famous to pay by Blik, which is a secure and very fast and convenient way to pay without the card in shops or on the Internet. Why is it so fast for us to develop new technologies and implement them into real life? 

  1. Motivated and dedicated developers

We have a big amount of motivated and qualified developers. Since Poland is a country where youngsters dream about becoming a Web or Game Developer, they feel more committed to their job and they strive to make this dream come true. As a result, with motivation and with the help of good education in this sector, they develop their career as very dedicated employees because of the knowledge they gained but first of all because of the passion that they have.

Source: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/jobs/20-most-popular-dream-jobs-in-the-world-poet-pips-pilot-as-top-choice-in-uae-and-saudi

2. Knowledge of English

According to data from the EF English Proficiency Index, Poland is marked with a very high proficiency level of countries in the whole world! Indeed there are many people who speak not only English but 2 or 3 more languages. Thanks to this fact, it is easier in Poland to find cooperation with foreign companies and invest in this market, for example there are many American companies that have already opened their subsidiaries in many cities in Poland. Many IT developers also know that knowledge of English is essential for finding a better job but also to use it during their day to day activities.

3. Culture

Polish culture is often focused on work and accomplishment. There is a big commitment to the job itself and also to the employers. Polish culture is rather easygoing and not troublemaking. Polish people are very strict to the point and they prefer clear and motivating work conditions. According to Hofstede Insights:

Source: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison-tool?countries=poland

Poland scores 64 on this dimension and is thus a Masculine society. In Masculine countries people “live in order to work”, managers are expected to be decisive and assertive (…)”

You can clearly see this characteristic when you start your company or future business here by looking for your next IT Developers.

4. Education

As we mentioned before in Poland there is a strong educational background especially in the IT and Development sector. There are many universities, general or technical ones, that provide very specific high education according to different specialisations. The widest variety educational systems for  IT Developers offer universities, such as Politechnika Warszawska, Politechnika Wrocławska, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Uniwersytet Jagielloński oraz Uniwersytet of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. They are located in the biggest cities of Poland.

5. Polish labour market

One of the most important aspects for considering Poland as your another target country to find IT Developers or start a new business. As we mentioned before there are already many American companies that have invested in Poland, such as Oracle, IBM, Accenture, State Street or Amazon and many more. It shows that highly developed countries like the US want to join the Polish market. Apart from this the cost of employing IT Developers from Poland is cheaper than, for example in Dollar or Euro zone. It is a very convenient way to have highly qualified experts in your team at a lower cost. Additionally, in the Polish labour market, contracting Polish IT specialists is an easier and clearer procedure because almost all of them have their own VAT number so the most common and preferable contact is B2B one. This approach is very common in Poland and your future IT Developers won’t be surprised if you ask for this kind of cooperation.

In case you are looking for another IT Specialist or Developer you can still visit our website to read more about it here

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