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Your Guide to Top 5 IT Job Boards in Poland

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Your Guide to Top 5 IT Job Boards in Poland


If you want to find an It job in Poland then for sure you need to know more about the most popular It Jobs Boards that advertise different offers. In this article we will present and quickly describe 5 the most popular IT Job Boards in Poland in 2023 to help you with making job applications easier.

1. JustJoin.IT

The first one to consider exploring it can be JustJoin.IT, a unique IT job board that focuses on both geographical and technical aspects of job seekers. The user-friendly dashboard enables easy navigation through different programming skills, highlighting job opportunities based on their locations. While it shows predominantly Polish job offers, you can also discover international positions with ease by using their interactive map. As for applying, you just need to quickly register through a simple form with essential contact details so the recruiters can get in touch with you quickly.

Source: justjoin.it

2. LinkedIn

The next Job Board in Poland on our list is LinkedIn, a globally renowned professional networking platform that has gained immense popularity in Poland with approximately 5 million users and counting. As the IT job market flourishes, LinkedIn has become a significant hub for IT job postings. For this platform it is required to have an account, after this you can just click on the Jobs section, where you can apply for your desired positions.

Source: linkedin.com/jobs

3. No Fluff Jobs

A job board in Poland exclusively focused on IT jobs, NoFluffJobs is a go-to platform for tech-savvy professionals. It stands out by providing transparent salary information and specific technical requirements, saving applicants valuable time. The platform’s efficient filtering system ensures you can quickly find the most relevant job listings. The application process requires only essential information and your CV without the need for account creation.

Source: nofluffjobs.com

4. Bulldogjob

This is another IT focused Job Board that gives not only clear salary details and technical skills but also direct information about the type of contract. This issue is quite important, especially in the IT job market in Poland (to read more about IT job market in Poland click here). This IT-oriented job board offers a straightforward application process, incorporating screening questions and CV attachments. Furthermore, the platform provides insightful reports on the demographics and educational backgrounds of applicants, allowing you to compare your compatibility with other candidates.

Source: bulldogjob.pl

5. INHIRE.io

Last but not least, you should definitely visit inhire.io. It has a layout with the application process featuring a user-friendly form to input your data and attach your CV. However, one of the standout features of inhire.io is the option to browse job offers anonymously, ensuring you have complete privacy and control throughout your job search. Also, there is a special section with a salary filter, which allows you to explore salary information tailored to your experience, role, and location. With this tool, you can easily determine if you’re being fairly compensated or gain insights into the average salary for opportunities that match your profile.

Source: inhire.io/job-offers

In conclusion, these five top IT job boards in Poland are your gateway to finding your dream IT job. Take advantage of their features and resources to propel your career forward. If you require any assistance with your IT job applications, please feel free to contact us via email at info@itselecta.com or explore our extensive range of IT job offers here.

Good luck on your job search and journey towards a fulfilling IT career!



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